I know how daunting it can feel to pick out what to where for a photo session.

These are a few guidelines and tips that I’ve put together so you guys can feel totally in love, look super hot, and still make sure the images are focused on YOU and not the stuff you’re wearing.

I’m going to say it now—I know nothing about fashion. I wear my husband’s t-shirts, socks + Birkenstocks, and a messy version of the same pony tail almost every day. So regardless of what you might think, there is a good chance you have been style than me.

These practical tips are just what I’ve found to work — simply from experience working with lots of different people. They’re simply guidelines, not rules. Show up in a clown costume and we’ll still have a great time…

Basically, I want you guys to feel like yourself.

You photos are not going to be a disaster if you don’t follow these guidelines. They won’t. The important thing to me is that you show up to your shoot looking like YOU. You’ll be the most comfortable that way and the photos will portray the people in them because of it.

Honestly, if you wear ripped jeans and Chacos every day — show up like that! Don’t worry about shopping for the perfect mini dress or black slacks for your man. I want you to look back on these pictures 30 years from now and remember the “you” of then. I want you to laugh at your style, laugh at your haircuts, and reminisce about the humans you were “back then”. Trust me, you don’t need to make a shopping trip for this shoot, and you don’t need to overthink it.

Here are some quick guidelines if you’re feeling lost about what to wear:

Bring some options: I’ll pick and choose from your garments + accessories based on the location we’re at. This takes stress away from you, and I can make sure the outfits fit the environment we are in. Just make sure you bring things that you feel smokin hot in and I’ll do all the work for you!

Please don’t bring your entire wardrobe though. We would both rather me be spending my time taking your pictures rather than going through your closet.

Here is a checklist for you to make sure you have options (but not too many) for your shoot:
  • 3 bottoms
  • 4 tops
  • 2 dresses
  • 2 jackets
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • some fun accessories

A good thing to keep in mind as well is that we will probably be changing in the backseat of a car on the side of a road. If you’re not super comfy with that idea, we’ll just stick to one outfit—just make sure to shoot me a text of your pieces so we can plan what you’ll be wearing in advance!

Does it make sense?

It’s as simple as that. Think about the locations we’ll be shooting at and go from there. If we’re going to be hiking a mountain, bring sturdy shoes. If we’re chilling on a beach, boots might look pretty weird. (Going to add here that heels are basically always a bad choice for my sessions and the places I shoot—unless you’ve got serious heel-walking skills). If we’re going to be hanging in Aspen in January, plan on bringing layers and super cozy socks. If we’re shooting in Hawaii, bring moisture-wicking clothes so won’t give you sweaty pits in the photos.

Rule of thumb—be comfortable.


Its not just important to make sure your clothes are season-appropriate, but also comfy to move in. Those brand-new skinny jeans that are stiff and tight might actually distract you in the moment if you’re constantly fixing them as you run around, sit down, and stand back up. I love seeing people bring “worn” clothing. A super-broken-in leather vest, a well-loved flannel, or old, ripped Levis. You know what I mean.

Also hot tip: Don’t shy away from some dangly accessories or a flow blouse. When I get you guys dancing, the more movement I can show through what you’re wearing, the more fun your photos will be!


You probably could guess this based on most of my shoots, but I am a sucker for earth-tones (think forest green, mustard, navy, pale blue, etc.) Do me a favor and avoid neons of every color—they just look like 2002. The only colors I really recommend you avoid are pinks and red, they can really mess with skin tones. Basically, if you can find the color in nature, chances are, I’m cool with it!

Traveling the world


Along with loud colors, I’m not a fan of loud patters. The smaller the better in this case. If the pattern is obnoxious, it will take away from you the human. I love a good flannel, antique floral print, and unique textures. Chances are, I won’t have you guys both in a pattern, but something subtle is nice.

Another tip: iron your clothes or lay them out the night before you shoot to avoid wrinkles  in your photos!

I love it when people bring some fun, artistic, or expressive accessories to their shoots. Its nice to pair these with different outfits. Think: sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, hair pieces, etc.


If you’re wanting Hobby-Lobby chalkboards in your photos, you’re talking to the wrong girl. When I say props, I mean something you love, use, or care about. Do you guys love Krispy-Kreme donuts? Bring a box. Do you live in a van? Please drive it to the shoot in the exact same condition you live in it. Love a good campfire? Let’s roast marshmallows. This is what I’m talking about when I say props. They’re fun, they help express your personality, and they create a scene unique to YOU!

In-Home Sessions:

Keep in mind everything I just said, but maybe wear less clothes. You don’t have to be virtually naked in front of the camera, but trust me, the photos will look so much more intimate if you’re wearing less layers. Chances are, if you’re like me + my man, you guys walk around you own home without much on anyways. Plan on bringing some tank tops, short shorts, a sweater to toss on and your favorite pair of jeans.

I’m also a fan of those extra raw shots of you in your favorite t-shirt and panties with your man chillin without a tee. If you’re up for it, I’m down—and I promise, I won’t make it awkward. 

Hair + Makeup

YOU DO YOU. Whatever is going to make you feel like your sexiest self on the day of the shoot is what I want you to do. For me, this doesn’t involve a trip to any salon. I feel my best just looking like me, my messy hair flying around, and minimal makeup. You can hit up your bff who does hair if you want something a little extra, visit a makeup artist for something dramatic, but 100% don’t feel like you have to! All I ask is that you do what you have to do to feel like the best, most real version of yourself—whatever that means to you!

Thats a Wrap.

If you have more questions, feel free to slide into my DMs. I’d love to help you out! Also feel free to share your pinterest board with me. I want to see your style / vision + capture it the best that I can! Just remember, just be you—wear those loved pieces—I promise, the photos will be amazing because you’re feeling good in them.