Layla + Seth: Hoosier Pass Engagement

October 3, 2021

Layla and Seth wanted a totally unique, epic location for their engagement photos in Colorado – and Hoosier Pass was just the spot. The views were epic, and we had the top of the pass almost totally to our selves.

And to top things off, Layla and Seth were willing to hike half of a mile vertical in their nice clothes at 11k ft. to get the shots. They wanted mountains—true mountains, without views of a road, or highly commercial views. And we got those views.

Layla and Seth were so chill, easy going, and two of the most genuine people I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with. Layla looked stunning in her incredible blue dress, and Seth was totally down with the crazy prompts that I gave them. I’ll be reliving last night over and over with these photos.

Here’s to many more mountain adventures with crazy cool couples!