Mt Culter is one of the most beautiful hikes in Colorado Springs for a sunrise. The mountains are quiet in the early hours, and there is nothing like reaching the peak just as the sun is rising above the city – just in time for a picturesque Mt Cutler engagement shoot.

There are not a lot of people who will wake up at 4am to start a hike with me in the pitch black—let alone two people I’d never met, but that is exactly what Hannah & Brendon did for their sunrise Mt Cutler engagement shoot.

As we hiked on the dark trail, I got to hear all about Hannah & Brendon’s adventures as a couple, their plans for the future, and even, the best food to get in St. Louis.

We reached the top of Mt Cutler as the sun was just peaking out behind the city, and experienced one of the best Golden Hours I’d ever experienced here in Colorado Springs. These two are incredible and I’ll be reliving this sunrise over and over.